90" NEC E905

Product Description

Resolution 1920x1080 HDMI 2
Refresh Rate 60 Hz USB 0
Aspect Ratio 16:9 VGA/DVI/Component 1/1/0
Weight (not stand) 81 kg Power Consumption 381 W

Product Description

The NEC MultiSync E905 succeeds in balancing impressive visual performance with a budget-oriented large format presentation without compromise. The 90 inch (229 cm) LCD-panel features a detail-rich FullHD resolution, eye-pleasing black levels for ergonomic viewing and state-of-the-art connectivity optimized to the needs of corporate applications. Thanks to an integrated ambient light sensor and latest LED backlight technology, the model features an amazingly low TCO with maintenance-free operation.

This display is ideal for corporate conferencing and education usage as well as digital signage applications in museums, hospitality and retail environments with operating hours limited to 12/7.

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