The primary objective for any exhibitor at an event is to attract attention and maximise footfall. With so much competition—you simply have to stand out from the crowd. There are many ways to increase the number of visitors to your space, but arguably none better than making your stand visually stunning with the creative use of display technology.

DBpixelhouse have helped hundreds of leading brands and design agencies attract attention from visitors and delegates at events around the world. We recently worked with a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer—helping them attract 84% of all show visitors to their booth, that’s over 26,000 people. When they asked for something unique to help them stand out, we came up with the idea, developed the content and supplied the technology for a video wall made up of 150 iPads, which could be removed, used individually, then replaced as a small part of the larger image. Visitors were blown away—nobody had seen anything like it before. Our iPad wall concept has now been used at numerous events, as well as being available for permanent install in office reception areas.

We’re an ideas factory for the events industry—as well as gigantic video walls and LED screens, we can help you attract attention to your space with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences, custom games, touch walls and our highly sought-after Object Recognition Tables.

Several years ago, simply having a big screen in your space was enough to attract people’s attention. Nowadays, it’s about the integration of technology and content—and how the combination helps you achieve your event marketing objectives. Do you first decide you want a big screen, or which content you’d like to show on it? Or maybe you just want a cool experience and are happy for us to pitch creative solutions based on your budget and objectives.

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