Augmented Reality for GE

DBpixelhouse’s first venture into Augmented Reality was for GE at the Paris Airshow in 2011, when AR was still a niche technology and virtually unused at events.

Aerospace propulsion manufacturer GE brought the iconic GE90 turbofan aircraft engine for visitors to see up close at the airshow. To add a little stardust to the experience, DBpixelhouse created an Augmented Reality experience which enabled visitors to view the internal mechanisms of the engine on a large touchscreen simply by pointing it at areas of the engine.

There were two AR stations, one at either end of the stand, each pointing at the engine. When the camera attached to the back of the screen detected certain AR markers, they activated animated content which played on the screen. Users could also scroll through various menus in the app, discovering even more about the GE90 aircraft engine.

The AR experience was a huge success and used by around 6000 delegates during the event, helping to earn GE the award for best stand at the Paris Airshow.

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