Augmented Reality on an iPad

Augmented Reality experiences use technology to blend the real world with visual enhancements in a truly interactive manner that is guaranteed to get people talking.

There are many ways of experiencing Augmented Reality, one of which is using a mobile or tablet device such as an iPad. Running an AR app created by DBpixelhouse, the camera on the back of the iPad will show what it sees, until it detects an AR marker, when it will then add pre-programmed digital content to the screen. The content could be in the form of a picture or animation and appears like an overlay to what is actually there on the screen of the tablet.

Adding an Augmented Reality experience to an event is a proven way of maximising engagement, as well as adding a little magic for people to walk away and talk about. Our clients have used AR to explain how engines work, view inside a human heart and to trigger educational content.

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