Augmented Reality: Showreel

Everyone in the events industry is talking about Augmented Reality, but what is it, and how can AR help you exceed your event marketing expectations?

Also known as Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality is the interactive experience of combining the real world with a virtual one. Think of Pokémon Go, or the heads-up display in an aircraft. Both are examples take our regular view of the world and add something extra, whether it’s for entertainment or practical use. AR can be experienced in a variety of ways, using either a dedicated Augmented Reality headset, or through the screen of a tablet or mobile device.

Augmented Reality is a proven way of adding value to an event, use it to attract a bigger audience, increase visitor engagement and gain a detailed insight into the user’s behaviour through our analytics platform.

Why not use Augmented Reality to show your guests the working parts inside a product? Use AR markers to reveal secret codes or play interactive games.

The use of AR at events is a proven way of maximising your ROI, leading brands who have used DBpixelhouse for Augmented Reality experiences include: GE and P2i.

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