Covid-19 update from DBpixelhouse

Covid-19 update from DBpixelhouse image #1

The Covid-19 crisis is affecting us all in ways that we could never have imagined—we’re living in a challenging and rapidly changing world. We’d love to say that it’s business as usual for DBpixelhouse, but sadly that’s not the case—which I’m sure applies to many of you too.

Despite the challenging circumstances, DBpixelhouse is still fully operational and here to support your needs in any way we can. Following advice from the government, we have increased hygiene practices and social distancing amongst our staff. A large number of whom are working from home, with the remainder of the team at our production studio in Tewkesbury.

With a strong creative team, that has a can do attitude, we have adapted the range of services we offer to cater for different demands during this time.

The Content team are rolling out a range of digital solutions to help brands connect with their customers in the absence of events. Similarly, we’re working with numerous event agencies to help them diversify their offering during the crisis and help them maintain an acceptable level of revenue.

The AV tech team are keeping busy processing orders for work from home IT packages, which we’re supplying to companies and institutions across all sectors.

Our warehouse and logistics departments are quieter than usual, so we’re looking at how we can support the local community during this time of need.

Whether you’re a client, competitor or other industry colleague, please accept our best wishes. We’re here to support anybody we can, in whichever way required. Together, we will get through this.

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