Creativity is at the core of everything we do, from exhibition planning and technical design to 3D visualisation, filming, and photography

We always look for opportunities to apply our creative flair to your exhibition requirements.
If you believe you need to add creative value to your stand, contact us today

Tech Creative Production

We are proud to provide creative services to make your exhibition truly special.
3D Content

3D Anamorphic Animation

Our 3D animation service offers an incredible, immersive experience at your exhibit.

To truly stand out and tout an experience like no other exhibit, our Anamorphic 3D Animation service can elevate your exhibit’s identity and engagement to new heights. These anamorphic animations transfer exceedingly well onto social media, so you are guaranteed to have a talking point both on your stand, and on your social media touchpoints.


Animations are powerful assets to express your brand values in a way that sets you ahead of competitors

Our service allows you to effectively communicate your brand visual language and identity to your audience and keep them engaged with strong brand connections. Our animation service specialises in the use of 2D or 3D computer graphics, and is always delivered fit-for-purpose for any requested touchpoints.

Animation 3
Footage and Photography

Film and Photography

Filming events and interactions at your stand or exhibit creates a valuable resource that can be adapted into any piece of media for or post-event marketing.

The nature of out provided footage is truly dynamic with the ability to be converted into any media style and any address: a short-form video for social media, a promotional video, or piece-to-camera style interviews are just a few examples of what we provide.


Timelapses are a powerful solution to condensing a full weeks build-up worth of activity into a manageable piece of media.

We have a wide range of specialised cameras and mounts for timelapse, allowing for effortless setup on any surface at any height to create truly valuable video that is engaged with greatly on social media or as part of a showreel.

Timelapse Services
Aerial Footage

Aerial Filming

Footage captured from drones is a true marvel and will effortlessly add value to all video production and edits that are required for your brief.

Drone footage is fantastic for demonstrating the scale of an event and giving a literal bird’s-eye view of your exhibit, stand, or venue in all its glory. The marketing fidelity gained from drone footage is astronomical, and will see your content flung far ahead of your competitors that film on-foot.

Exhibition Visualisations

Our visualisation service allows you to see into the future of your stand.

When preparing for a world-class event, you want to know exactly what to expect. With our visualisation service, we spare no expense in ensuring that your potential exhibition is recreated as a comprehensive, illustrative 3D scene to give you the best possible idea of how our AV and IT equipment can transform your space.


Live Event Support

Our team of experts will support you throughout.

We’ve got experts to help you plan, budget, manage, produce and deliver your event or exhibition to exceptional standards.


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