Engage your customers with an immersive experience they’ll never forget.

Customer Experience Centres (CECs) transcend traditional means of communication-integrating real-life and digital experiences to tell a story and foster authentic customer relationships.

From concept to completion, we’ll be your tech, content and maintenance partner every step of the way.


Trust DB with your CEC experience

  • We’re experts at creating immersive digital customer experiences that enhance engagement and collect insights.
  • As a single-source supplier, we‘ll take care of everything - advise on concept, develop content, install the tech and keep everything running as it should.
  • We have a team of 100+ designers, developers and tech experts.
  • Use PixelHub software to control all the tech in your space, with the ability to personalise the experience for different visitors.
  • We have 25 years’ experience, working with the world’s leading brands such as GE, Dyson and Adobe creating cutting-edge trade show attractors.

It’s all about the journey

Use interactive tech to:

  • Tell the story of your brand.
  • Present your range of products or services.
  • Show how what you do can be tailored to what your customers need.
  • Demonstrate 1st hand your commitment to excellent customer service.

All within a closed environment where you’re in complete control and not competing for attention.

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Customer Experience Centres

DBpixelhouse are a trusted partner of ours, we have worked with them for many years. They provide an array of technology and capabilities, ensuring we exceed our client’s expectations with creativity and forward thinking.

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Some examples of our digital experiences

Interactive Touch Wall

If you’re going to have an impressive, yet functional centre-piece to your Customer Experience Centre - an interactive touch wall should be a stand out contender.

Imagine an immersive space so big your customers can walk around inside it - touching content and learning about your brand as they go.

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Touch walls are entirely customisable and can be created in any shape or size out of a variety of different screens. But-it’s the content which really brings a touch wall to life.

Let us help you take your customers on a journey of discovery and delight, as they explore who you are and why the need to work with you.

Augmented Reality

Consider the impact of being able to enhance a real-world view of one of your products with custom annotations. Or-point an iPad at any space and visualise exactly what you do, make or supply, in situ.

All of this is possible with Augmented Reality.

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AR is a formidable, light-hearted communication tool-well suited to making an uninteresting subject lively and memorable.

Whether you use Augmented Reality for entertainment or education, there’s little doubt it’s a useful tool in the armoury of a modern, growth-orientated brand.


Imagine a fully interactive video wall made of iPads, tablets or mobile phones, where each device can be removed and used independently. PixelBrix is an active digital experience which encourages engagement.

Users can’t fail to be attracted by the bold, high definition content running across the whole wall—

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then are blown away by the complete interactivity of
the experience. Every aspect of PixelBrix is customisable to suit your needs-from shape size and dimension to digital content and insights collected from every interaction.

Redefine how people see your brand with a PixelBrix wall from DBpixelhouse.

Virtual Reality

Forget everything you already know about VR and look at it from a different perspective. Think about how presenting your product in a virtual setting could really emphasise it’s benefits to your clients.

Show them what they need to see to make a decision and close the deal.

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Imagine being able to walk through the inside of an aircraft engine, or peek inside a human heart during a pioneering medical procedure.

DBpixelhouse are experts at building created Virtual Reality environments-personalised to client needs.


Whatever the tech requirements for your CEC, you’ll need a versatile Content Management System (CMS) to bring the space to life. PixelHub is a cloud-based CMS which can be used to host digital content and route it to the playback surface of your choice.

Curate what’s seen and how people interact with it— whether it’s a simple video showing on a screen in the entrance

or a multi-user interactive touch wall in the
hub of your experience centre. PixelHub puts you in control—with content managed through a user-friendly app-based interface.

Re-imagine what’s seen on screen with PixelHub—the smart CMS for CECs.


To create a truly memorable interactive experience and maximise engagement between your visitors and marketing content - why not use a PixelPux object recognition table from DBpixelhouse.

PixelPux is a touch table which recognises objects placed on the screen, triggering digital content which can be scrolled through and explored by the user.

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A fun and functional way of presenting large amounts of information, PixelPux can display images, PDFs, videos and other digital assets. From the objects used to trigger content, to the interactive experience itself - everything about PixelPux is customisable.

Treat your visitors to a memorable experience with a PixelPux object recognition table.

Why you need a Customer Experience Centre (CEC)

  • Your space - your way. Create your Customer Experience Centre to show customers exactly what you want with no distractions.
  • Create a journey-based experience that tells your story and explains what you do.
  • Take advantage of an always-on 24/7 space to show customers how your products or services can help them.
  • Your Customer Experience Centre can be flexible with content driven technology - which can easily be updated or changed whenever you need it to be.
  • Replicate your best exhibition experience in an always-on space, where you’re in total control.
  • Don’t let your competitors overtake you. If they already have a CEC, can you really afford not to?