DB Invest in GhosT-OLED Screens

DB Invest in GhosT-OLED Screens image #1

High transparency OLED screens (TOLEDs) have been one of the most popular products stocked by DBpixelhouse since we first introduced them to our rental inventory back in 2017. As a unique display with high-definition visuals and the option to make them touch responsive—our original TOLEDs have helped dozens of the world’s leading brands connect with their customers at events.

Based on the extraordinary success of our TOLED screens—DBpixelhouse are excited to announce a significant expansion of their fleet by investing in the new GhosT-OLED screens.

Using a 55” LG full HD screen, the GhosT-OLEDs come with a variety of different mounting options and are able to function as a touchscreen with up to 12 simultaneous touch points. High transparency screens offer stand designers another dimension of creativity when creating exhibition spaces. Imagine having a video wall displaying perfectly opaque content one moment—only to become completely transparent the next.

TOLEDs can be built in to stand walls, tables and any aspect of stand furniture. Many clients have taken advantage of them as high-performance touchscreens, using them for interactive content rather than a simple playback surface. We’ve recently worked with a leading pharmaceutical brand who used TOLEDs to trigger Augmented Reality content as a key attraction and engagement feature on their stand.

There’s no doubt that when used creatively, GhosT-OLED screens are one of the most eye-catching and innovative displays available. To personally experience the versatility of our TOLED screens and discuss how they could enhance your next event or activation—book a meeting at PixelLab, our West London innovation suite.

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