DBpixelhouse adds Absen AX 1.5mm LED screen to hire stock

DBpixelhouse adds Absen AX 1.5mm LED screen to hire stock image #1

DBpixelhouse are delighted to announce the addition of Absen AX 1.5mm LED screen to their hire stock, the highest resolution currently available for rental in the UK. As one of Europe’s leading suppliers of AV tech and interactive content for events, the addition of this versatile, high-definition LED technology will further enhance DBpixelhouse’s offering to customers.

The increased resolution of 1.5mm LED means you can build a HD screen into your stand measuring less than three metres wide for the first time—and a 4K screen at just under six metres, whereas you would previously need a far bigger wall to achieve a full HD playback surface with lower resolution tiles.

The Absen 1.5mm LED panels available from DBpixelhouse are natively produced in the 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning we can get pixel to pixel detail more easily without any loss of quality.

DBpixelhouse Technical Manager, Tom Rumney said: “For the first time, having such high definition LED tiles gives us a viable alternative to building LCD video walls, at a comparable cost and the benefit of using 1.5mm LED product really is seamless, there is no space between panels whatsoever.  The LCD is still the only product that will get you to 4K resolution at three metres—but for full HD, the 1.5mm LED option is awesome.”

“Our existing stock of 2.6mm LED screen is still great too—but for those who need really high definition visuals from a closer distance, 1.5mm LED represents a tangible step up in quality. The general rule of thumb is that the viewing distance is relative to the pixel pitch, so you can see HD quality detail at 1.5M away from our new product, whereas you need to be 2.6M away for the 2.6mm LED.  Being a feature-packed product, the Absen 1.5mm LED tiles are more power efficient than lower res versions and can be curved concave to 10 degrees—giving designers more flexibility when creating show-stopping designs.”

The Absen 1.5mm LED screen from DBpixelhouse will be available for rental from October, if you have a project in mind, please get in touch at the earliest opportunity—it’s already booked up for the duration of September.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of high-definition LED screen further, or book an appointment to see a sample screen in DBpixelhouse’s West London demo suite, PixelLab, please contact your DBpixelhouse Account Manager or email info@dbpixelhouse.com

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