DBpixelhouse, we may be orange, but we’re going green

DBpixelhouse, we may be orange, but we’re going green image #1

In recent months, DB have been looking at ways to streamline our waste management and find new methods of recycling and waste reduction. We have recently installed a cycle shelter in the hope of encouraging locally based members of staff to cycle to work. This is one extra step DB has taken towards helping decrease our carbon footprint, in a bid to avoid worsening our current environmental climate. This coincides with our eco-friendly approach to business and we are constantly striving for more ways to improve this.

We have also focused our efforts on maintaining our zero waste to landfill policy, as well as our ISO14001, ISO20121:2012 and ISO14001 environmental certificates.

The kitchen is another area we have begun monitoring and thinking of ways to improve our environmental impact. Our kitchen monitors; Katie and Deborah, have been working hard to implement new recycling procedures, as well as providing guidance on how to reduce waste at work, and at home! They said; “We are talking to several different recycling companies to find a better solution than the one we have now in regards to domestic recycling (E.G: plastic, metal, food waste etc) – the company we use at the moment is fairly limited in what they will collect and we would like to be doing our bit to help with the planet’s plastic crisis.”

Lastly, we created a video to educate DB staff on the new procedures being implemented in the kitchen. This reduced the amount of signage and printed instructions required to notify and educate staff. 

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