This year it will be ERA EDTA's 56th annual conference - make it your year! Make your team and stand the highlight of this years edition in Budapest. Make use of our unique AV technology and our endless content capabilities to live long in the minds of your audience. We have a rich history of supplying solutions to the medical community, especially with digital content. Our content professionals have created everything from apps and animations, to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games for leading medical brands and exhibition design agencies. 

To go with our state of the art digital content, you will need something to project your experiences and interactives. Luckily for you, DB also provide unique, attention grabbing display technology! From massive, hi-res LED walls/cubes/floors to interactive, touch screen, seamless videowalls and transparent, touch O-LED screens. We have got it all!

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Dream big at ERA-EDTA with engaging tech from DBpixelhouse