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We pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to event technology and AV equipment and invest heavily in acquiring the latest cutting-edge solutions.  In recent months we’ve added several new technologies or solutions to our inventory including;

2.6mm LED
The latest, brightest, highest resolution 2.6mm LED panels.  The higher resolution means that the optimum viewing distance is closer than in more traditional LED walls, which means it’s perfect for indoor use and also perfect for displaying text aswell as imagery.  The image is much brighter than video walls with the added advantage of no bezel lines breaking up the screen.

Transparent OLED Screens
We’re delighted to stock a fleet of 55 inch OLED screens which are absolutely perfect for bespoke installations which combine digital content with physical products to create an enticing product reveal.  The screen is practically invisible when no content is showing, and then  jumps into life with bright, vivid colours – we installed them last week at an exhibition, to look like shop windows – the transparency meant you could see through them to products behind but they could also be used to surprise and delight visitors with content.

We’ve been using infra-red touchbars for the last 12 months but the variety of installations is definitely getting wackier.  They can be used to turn any surface – not just screens – into a touchscreen.  They are also multi-touch and we’ve installed some super-sized screens with which visitors can interact  and create their own bespoke slice of content.

UHD 4K Screens
Ultra-High-Definition 4K screens aren’t new to us, but we have increased our inventory.  We have a huge selection of 4K screens from 49 inch right up to 98 inch, in addition to video walls.  4K screens are the ultimate in show-off imagery – they have a sublimely brilliantly crystal clear image which is great for content with intricate detail.

Watchout Media Servers and Datapath video wall controllers
We’ve increased our selection of controllers which allow for versatile content management and full integration of all the digital content and hardware together.   The controllers mean we can easily combine videowalls, LED walls and individual screens into a single combined-content canvas.

If you’re interested in learning more about our technologies or how we can help you on your next event – do get in touch

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