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Product Description

These Aluvision 2.5mm LED panels are state of the art and have multiple creative applications. They can be made to work concave, convex and can also be positioned at seamless 90 degree right angles. Additionally, you can also create seamless 3D cube arrangements.

LED walls are an effective way to attract interest at an event. DBpixelhouse specialise in LED walls, as well as creating state of the art content to compliment it. Take a look at our past creations in our content library or get in touch with a member of the team to start designing your unique, digital interactives.

Want to know more about our Aluvision LED?

Pixel Pitch

2.58 mm

Refresh Rate

3840 Hz

Panel Size

500mm x 500mm x 55mm

Panel Weight

10 KG


192px x 192px


1000 nits

Viewing Distance


Max Power Consumption


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