46`` Samsung Touchscreen MD46B-6

Image -46" Samsung Touchscreen MD46B-6

Product Description

The Samsung ME46B 46 Inch Touch Screen Display combines the versatile Samsung ME46B commercial LCD display with a purpose built touch overlay to create one of the most capable interactive displays available. The Samsung ME46B 46 Inch Touch Screen Display will suit practically any interactive display rental application where a 46 inch panel is required.

Interactive functionality is via the 10 point MultiTouch overlay which allows up to 10 control points at one time. Full two handed operation and the gestures that can be made with 10 fingers are all able to be used to control content when used with this panel. Obviously the applications for interactive control are vast with the Samsung ME46B 46 Inch Touch Screen Display, content can be produced with controls for up to 10 users via a single digit each or a single user with 10 digit control and anything in between.

Take advantage of your displays touchscreen ability by using custom, interactive content. DBpixelhouse specialise in creating bespoke touch apps that can help you attract and engage audiences at your events.  View our content library for inspiration or contact a member of the DBpixelhouse team to see what creations we can bring to life for you.



Aspect Ratio


Contrast Ratio


Power Consumption


HDMI Ports


Touch Points


VGA / DVI / Component

0 / 1 / 0


25 KG

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