55`` Transparent Organic LED Display Screen

Image - TOLED

Product Description

With digital content created for the 55″ transparent display screen, it is possible to lead the viewers attention between the background (transparent display content) and display, (luminous display content) which creates fascinating depth and awesome effects. In a unique way, it is possible to combine displayed information and graphics with real objects in the background.

Similar to the clear LCD screens – black content is displayed at translucent and all other colours are displayed as bright and bold content.

To make the most of your unique display, you need eye-catching content to grab attention at your event, view our content library for inspiration, or contact a member of the DBpixelhouse team.

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1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate

60 Hz

Contrast Ratio


Power Consumption


HDMI Ports




VGA / DVI / Component

0 / 1 / 0

Aspect Ratio


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