Event Tech Live Inset LED Wall

We designed a multipurpose LED and touchscreen wall to present our technology and content at Event Tech Live 2016. We ran animated content on the LED screen whilst the touchscreens were used to display our digital portfolio app, presenting examples of our work.

We used our display command software Fusion to route the content to each screen, as well as randomly performing stand ‘take-overs’, when all the screens on the stand combined to play a single animated video sequence. Using Fusion allowed us to control all screens on the stand from an iPad or mobile device.

Other screens around the stand included our 55” transparent OLED (TOLED) screens and a selection of iPads, also running the portfolio app.

The integration of cutting-edge display technology, creative design and interactive content combined to give us our most successful trade show to date. During the course of the one-day event we generated more than 100 leads and successfully won dozens of projects with new clients.

The concept of insetting the touchscreens into a large LED wall has been replicated numerous times since ETL 2016, with equally successful results. The concept behind our design was to create something different, lots of stands use LED walls and video walls, but we wanted to show that there are infinite possibilities when it comes to designing video walls.

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