Have you ever wondered how many people visited your space during an event? How many and who paid an interest in your products? DBpixelhouse can build an insights and analytics package into any software solution which will report on a host of metrics, displaying them in a live, cloud-based dashboard.

Having detailed insights from your events will help measure the event ROI better than ever before, as well as giving you valuable data to use in meetings and reports on the event when discussing its success. Our systems can report on the number of touchscreen interactions or how many times a game was played, through to detailed data logging, capturing visitors contact details and product preferences through the digital distribution of documents.

Our insights packages are fully GDPR compliant and will present you with potentially the most detailed post-event analysis you’ve ever received. By capturing the name and email address of people playing a game or requesting product information, we will also supply you with a report of who paid an interest in what at your event, giving your sales reps a comprehensive list of leads to follow up when they return to the office.

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