An Introduction to Video Walls

Video walls are a popular and effective way of creatively adding large format video screens to your event, exhibition or retail space.

Made up of multiple single screens, the resolution of a video wall is typically much higher than that of LED walls, because each panel is made up of a HD screen (the pixels are much closer together). Although there is a small seam between each screen, this can be used creatively and adds to the character of a high-definition video wall.

Whilst LED walls are often best suited to show a single video image across the entirety of the playback surface, you can get really creative when creating content for video walls. Why not use a 6x5 screen video wall (6 screens wide by 5 high)—which shows a single, large image, then breaks down to show content on each single screen or smaller sections of the screen?

DBpixelhouse are experts at providing video wall technology and creating custom screen content to make your space look truly spectacular. Why not take a look at our Labelexpo and Playtech case studies to learn more about how our clients have used video walls in their stand design?