The World's Biggest iPad Wall - PixelBrix

When one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands wanted to make a big splash at ESC 2017, they came to us. We created the largest, fully interactive iPad wall ever made, with custom animations and touchscreen content bespoke to their needs.

Mindful that LED walls and video walls are becoming commonplace at exhibitions, our client was passionate about using technology to help them truly stand out from the crowd and provide a practical manner of engaging with customers and communicating their brand message.

Made up of 150 iPads, when the tablets were mounted on the wall they made up one part of a bigger picture. Each tablet could be removed from its holder and used individually, for users to explore products and services through a touchscreen app developed by DBpixelhouse. When the iPad was placed back in the wall, it recognised its position and once again became part of the bigger picture.

The iPad wall was a tremendous success, used over 26,000 times during the three-day event. Our client noted that the innovative combination of technology and content helped them enjoy a higher level of visitor engagement than ever before.

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