Large-scale Interactivity

Large-scale Interactivity image #1

We were super excited to recently demonstrate our slick new infra-red touch bar technology on our ultra high definition screens.  The infra-red bars turn any screen – or any surface for that matter – into a multi-touch and multi-user interactive extravaganza!
Each of the segments of this 9 panel screen (pictured) can be accessed by different customers looking at different information and when not in use the screen can play a single piece of high-impact content. 
The multi-touch screens are also perfect for organisers looking for an interactive floorplan solution, enabling visitors to delve in and out of a floorplan without interrupting the view of other visitors.
The new infra-red bars are incredibly small and discreet and are modular which enables a greater range of custom shapes and sizes, allowing your designers to be really creative with your stand design. 

Multi-touch points
Interactive coverage up to 40m in length and 6m in height
Flexible mounting options
Allows for flexible stand designs
Quick to set up and dismount

If you’d like to find out more simply call us on +44 (0)345 226 3083.

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