Object Recognition

Object Recognition image #1

We love bringing you the latest in tech and this time we’ve also brought you the largest – we can now provide large-scale Object Recognition tables – possibly the largest OR table you can get anywhere in the world! 

Object Recognition tables enable users to really interact with and make sense of your content, particularly high-density text or complex technical information.   Historically, this solution has only been available from a limited number of hardware providers, and the high unit cost has prohibited the development of larger-scale deployment.  But our innovative and resourceful tech-team has been hard at work creating a bespoke solution using our LED screens, and we’re delighted to now be able to offer OR tables as part of our rental inventory.

Object Recognition tables are a great “pull” at exhibitions, drawing visitors in to see what’s going on.  Visitors position 3D objects on the touch-screen table and the content in that section of the screen automatically brings up information relating to that product.  We’ve already used the solution at an Aerospace event, where different models of the client’s aircraft were used to enable visitors to get more information on each product in a more visual and memorable way than simply swiping through a touchscreen.

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