OR Table for Illumina

DBpixelhouse designed and created bespoke software and digital display solutions for medical technology manufacturer, Illumina, for their exhibition space at ESHG 2017 in Copenhagen.

After discussing options with the client, a fully digital solution using several Object Recognition Tables and large touchscreens was the most effective way of engaging delegates and presenting the large volume of information Illumina wished to display.

Five individual objects represented the different areas Illumina work in, when placed on the screen they triggered digital content which gave users an insight into Illumina’s services in that sector. DBpixelhouse added a document distribution function, so users could send PDF documents detailing Illumina’s services to their email address, eliminating the need for printed marketing material which reduced the cost of exhibiting, made the exhibition space more eco-friendly and provided Illumina with a wealth of leads to follow up on post event.

Illumina were delighted with the Object Recognition Tables and custom content from DBpixelhouse, stressing that they would never exhibit without them from now on.

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