ORA—Object Recognition Augmented

Discover our latest engaging event technology, ORA—Object Recognition Augmented. Still in the development stages, ORA combines PixelPux with Augmented Reality to produce a mind blowing interactive experience. 

PixelPux is used by brands around the world to present large amounts of information in a fun and function format. Physical objects placed on the screen trigger touch responsive content, users navigate the content to explore videos, PDFs and other marketing material.

Augmented Reality is an effective way of layering annotations and additional information over a user's view of the real world. Experienced through an AR headset or through a tablet device, a camera detects an AR trigger image which determines what's seen on screen.

Compounding PixelPux with Augmented Reality provides an engaging interactive experience that attracts attention and engages your visitors.

Visit our stand at Event Tech Live 2018 to get a preview of ORA.

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