Exhibition and Event Solutions


This project marked another entry in the long-running relationship between DBpixelhouse and brand experience agency 2Heads. Delasport, being a global technological giant in the gaming industry, was also a brand new client for 2Heads. As a result, this project would test not only delivering for a key company, but ensuring swift rigging over a 5-day setup.


The final stand arrangement for Delasport was the result of a time-sensitive build featuring over 240 panels of flying LED. The arrangement contained seamless corner videowalls with over 9,000,000 pixels all permanently streaming 6K content from Delasport themselves. All this sat overtop a 308m2 stand in ICE’s south hall accompanied by 4 55” touchscreens for audience engagement on the stand floor.


Overall, Delasport had engaged several athousand visitors during ICE 2023 and maintained a confident and stunning LED arrangement overhead. 6K content was handled without issue by a supplied Watchout Media Server. This reliable, state of the art arrangement engaged and attracted a great number of attendees and ensured Delasport’s brand remained on full display

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