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users with a memorable digital experience

Physical objects placed on the screen trigger custom digital content

Cast your brand as a leading-edge pioneer with a compelling interactive experience

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Entertain and inform in style


  • Proven to attract greater footfall
  • Easy and intuitive experience
  • Great as a conversation starter and for deeper exploration
  • Perfect for highlighting benefits of your products/services
  • Creates real-time analytics and insights


  • Bespoke interface and functionality for your brand
  • Content triggering pucks tailored to your brand and products
  • Data capture options available
  • Works offline and cloud syncs when online
65% increase in stand footfall

GSK experienced a huge uplift in number of visitors to their stand compared with previous years. Staff attributed this to delegates being drawn by the PixelPux interactive table we produced for their Ellipta asthma brand.

Average dwell time of 9 minutes

GE found that the PixelPux touch table we built for Paris Air Show drew more delegates to their chalet and that they spent a huge 9 minutes on average exploring content on the table

98% more product brochures sent

Our interactive table for Illumina allowed delegates to select products they were interested in and have them emailed to themselves, the results were amazing: 98% increase on the same event 2 years prior when they used a paper based system, and an 87% increase versus the iPad app solution they used the previous year.

How to create your interactive table

  • 1 Section 3 - Pixelpux Circled Image
    Decide on the number of pucks you will need, E.G: if you have 3 key products or services, then 3 pucks would be a good start.
  • 2 Section 3 - Pixelpux Circled Image
    Identify the key messages and content you want to include.
  • 3 Section 3 - Pixelpux Circled Image
    Advise us on the total number of assets (videos, images or PDFs) the system will require.
  • 4 Section 3 - Pixelpux Circled Image
    Either provide us with your own designs for the UI or we can take your brand guidelines and create something great for you!
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    That’s it, sit back and relax while we quote and build your new PixelPux table!

General Electric created a welcoming and interactive environment for guests visiting their chalet at the Paris Air Show—partnering with DBpixelhouse to fill it with engaging tech.

Amongst other pieces for this relaxing space, we developed a PixelPux table which showcased 4 different divisions of GE: Machines, Materials, GE Store and Engineering Consultancy.

Each division had it’s own custom 3D printed puck, which allowed users to explore relevant content when placed on the table. Delegates navigated through an attractive, modern interface, viewing product related content with the option to send themselves a digital copy by email.

We re-purposed the same app at the following year’s Paris Air Show, using it on a multitude of different touchscreens throughout the exhibition space.


Our PixelPux interactive table for Philips was the first to incorporate a twisting motion for navigation of the menu system.

Users placed an object down, then rotated the puck to cycle through the top-tier menu. The twist of the puck proved to be an attractive and intuitive mechanism to navigate the app. The content was rich, with a multi-tiered menu full of informative video, imagery and text.

We have been developing this rotation concept further since and are excited for future ‘twisty’ projects; with ideas ranging from volume, video and sound playback control to rotatable pucks which interact with each other or become game controllers, something for everyone!

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The object recognition tables for Illumina allowed delegates to send themselves info on specific products & to fling content up to a huge video wall! Taking control of all this uber tech was a great draw at the event and they saw their leads at the event surge by 87%.

Delegates placed custom 3D-printed pucks for one of the 5 divisions on the touch table and content elegantly appeared.

They answered polling questions in the style of a ‘customer journey’ and were shown relevant products at the end dependant on their answers.

Delegates received emails instantly containing their product sheets to take away from the event.

object recognition tables Image

PCMS wanted a clear and engaging way to show delegates how certain demographics ‘shop’ differently and how their services could be used throughout a customer journey to improve it.

Delegates placed unique characters onto the interactive touch table and were guided through that characters buying process from start to finish.

Additionally, each character had an associated iPad app where delegates could learn more about them, and a central touchscreen also mirrored the PixelPux table.

The event in New York City was a huge success in information delivery and lead generation - so we now create many applications and sales aids for PCMS helping them to grow their business.

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PixelPux package includes

Software development

Includes animated holding screen and menu/hotspots with all graphics designed by us to your brand guidelines

42” Full-HD Touchscreen & High-Spec Gaming Laptop – Lifetime ownership

The client will be responsible for the ownership & maintenance of the hardware*

Table/screen ‘frame’

Table to house your screen and built to your specifications

3 x pucks

Complete with 3D printed conductive feet and custom branded acrylic toppers
Standard 3D printed pucks are circular, please inquire if you would like a different shape puck*

3 x Assets for each puck
(Images, PDF’s, videos)*
Data analytics/insights

Live data analytic menu accessed via the settings menu in the app, tracks delegate usage of the system/puck and asset

*Please ask for an upgrade if needed
Price: Please call to discuss your requirements

Not included:

  • Overseas delivery (free to UK - subject to location) or crew costs
  • The table / aperture / physical setup – Please ask for a quote if you don’t have stand builders and want us to provide a physical table to house your screen

Additonal Add-on Features


Data sending, allows delegates to email themselves information from the event. (assets are to be supplied by the client)


Take control of your content and send it to multiple devices simultaneously.

Augmented Reality

Please enquire about ORA (Object Recognition Augmented) which combines object recognition with Augmented Reality.