Production Services

Creative Tech

If you want to make a really big impression at an event, our teams can support you at all stages of production—from concept to delivery. Our production team have an intimate knowledge of the latest audio-visual technology and can advise you on what will work best in your space, to help you meet your event marketing objectives. Let us help you inspire your clients, by making them look brilliant and maximising their event ROI.

Event Pre-production

Meticulously planning the technical details in the build-up to an event is essential—at DBpixelhouse, we have a robust support network which leaves nothing to chance. We can host product demonstrations and technical pre-production at our Tewkesbury design and innovation centre, or at a venue of your choice. From CAD plans and kit lists, to site visits, power calculations and logistics, we are obsessed with the details.

Production Management

We have a team of highly experienced Project Managers and Technical Managers who are able to oversee all aspects of technical production at your event. Why not let us take the burden from your shoulders and handle the technical production of your event? Read our case study on Qatar Airways to discover how we provided production management at ITB 2018.

Post-event Analysis

No matter how good your event is, there’s always room for improvement. As part of our service for larger projects, we arrange post-event ‘wash-up’ meetings where we discuss improvements or how to make better use of our technology and content. We continually strive to improve, by encouraging open and frank analysis, we can ensure our service and your event stay at the top of their game.

Specialist Show Crew

We supply the latest event technology and interactive content in the industry—but our technology is nothing without the expertise of our team. Our on-site technicians are all specialists in their chosen areas, we ensure the right techs are on the right job. All shows are overseen by a Project Manager, with a comprehensive team of Technical Managers, product specialists, logistics planners and support crew to assist.

Transport & Logistics

We’ve got the kit and crew to make your event a success—and the infrastructure to get everything and everyone to where it needs to be. We attend thousands of shows a year and have a logistics team who ensures we always offer efficiency and value for our clients. From freight to flights and accommodation—we have established relationships with leading suppliers which guarantee us the best possible rates. Nobody takes better care of your event logistics than DBpixelhouse.

Tech Support

We aim to offer an unparalleled level of on-site technical support. We have dedicated technicians at the venue and an out-of-hours call service to ensure your needs are fully satisfied. DBpixelhouse carry a comprehensive supply of spare parts and products to each show, enabling us to support any last-minute changes or additions. We prepare for the unexpected— should the worst happen, we have the infrastructure in place to ensure the level of our service never drops.