40" Toshiba 40L6353

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Product Specification

Resolution ​1920×1080 HDMI 4
Refresh Rate 50 USB 1
Aspect Ratio 16:9 VGA/DVI/Component 1
Weight 10.3 kg Power Consumption 115 W

Product Descripion

At the heart of this impressive Toshiba Smart TV is a Full HD 1080p, LED backlit screen. Full HD 1080p resolution gets the very best from Blu-ray and other sources and gives lifelike detail and stunning realism. Yet this Toshiba isn’t just about high resolution, it’s about smooth motion, too. With AMR100 (50Hz) processing on board, this TV is perfect for both fast moving sport and action movies. With an LED backlit panel, the Toshiba also gives an impressive contrast ratio. With a Brightness figure of 300cd/m, this gives the Toshiba 40L6353 TV a crisp and bright picture with deep blacks and excellent grey scale. Typical of good quality LED sets, there’s also truer realism and a greater sense of depth. Thanks to a suite of noise reduction processors the picture is also clean and free from distracting digital distortion.

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