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Product Description

The infra-red bars turn any screen – or any surface – into a multi-touch and multi-user interactive extravaganza!


  1. Multi-touch points
  2. Interactive coverage up to 40m in length and 6m in height
  3. Flexible mounting options
  4. Allows for flexible stand designs

The bars are incredibly small and discreet and are modular which enables a greater range of custom shapes and sizes,
allowing you to get really creative with the stand design.

Installation guide for touch bars

The touch bars can be installed in one of three ways

  1. A frame surrounding all 4 sides of the touch area
  2. Two bars running horizontally along the top and the bottom of the touch area
  3. Two bars running vertically along the left and the right of the touch area

For the second option an overhang is required the amount of this depends on the size of screen

Space required behind the bars

The below drawing details the space required behind the bars:


Take advantage of your displays touchscreen ability by using custom, interactive content. DBpixelhouse specialise in creating bespoke touch apps that can help you attract and engage audiences at your events.  View our content library for inspiration or contact a member of the DBpixelhouse team to see what creations we can bring to life for you.

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