RFiD Technology

RFiD technology works just like an Oyster card or contactless bank card, allowing an RFiD card to identify a person or object when placed near an RFID reader.

Increasingly popular at events and exhibitions, RFiD can be used for visitor registration and badging, object recognition, or a means through which visitors can collect documents on products or services they’re interested in.

Leading software brand, Adobe, use RFiD registration and visitor management from DBpixelhouse as one of the core parts of their annual EMEA Summit in London. Numerous other brands, including well-known names in the fields of pharmaceutical, aerospace and industry use RFiD badges to distribute documents and collect data on visitor engagement.

RFID products simplify the process of collecting and distributing information, opening up a new world of opportunities—why not make use of RFiD technology at your next event?

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