Service Charge


DBpixelhouse operates a service charge facility at many shows we attend and this document lays out what is and what is not included as standard.


Pre-event administration
Freight to and from the venue
Delivery to your trade stand or booth area
Installation using ‘pool’ DB technicians led by a DB Project Manger
Testing, sign off & a copy of our onsite contact details
Daily check [pre-open] including clean of screens and basic switch on assistance
Our support team is onsite should you need us
Dismantle, pack up and removal


Timed delivery and installation
Dedicated event standby [available at extra cost, please ask your account handler]
Working at height above 2m [available at extra cost, please ask your account handler]
Working before 08:00 or after 20:00 unless previously arranged. It is not expected that we would start an install after 19:00
Under floor cabling

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m arriving in the morning/afternoon and only have a few hours to set up

If you speak to your account manager in advance we shall endeavour to schedule the install to best suit your setup day; but timed deliveries are not possible. We can’t leave equipment on your stand unattended either so if we do miss each other, the best thing to do would be to find our service desk.

How do I contact you when I arrive onsite?

We will have a service desk and/or a stores area onsite that is manned by our staff. It is usually located near the organisers office. If you can’t find us please call 0345 226 3083 or grab anyone in a DB polo shirt on site.

My requirements have changed at the very last minute; can you help me?

Yes. We have spare equipment onsite & if you want something that needs to come from our warehouse we can make those arrangements & advise you of a cost and an ETA.

I would like you to attach the rental screen to the shell scheme wall

You should immediately speak to the shell scheme contractor and ask them to reinforce the wall (with a ‘pad’) for which they will charge you. We can then attach the screen to the wall safely.

*NB Cable management can sometimes be a problem with shell scheme installs and
our advice is to speak to your DBS account handler about this in advance. If the pad has not been installed when you arrive, you should speak with the shell contractor or hire a monitor stand from us. If a drawing/render or stand plan exists – we need a copy with your order.

When the show finishes can I leave immediately?

You’re responsible for the equipment until its safely collected so we only ask that if you wish to leave immediately the show finishes, you tell our onsite team and we’ll make sure we collect your equipment in advance of others.

  • Pre-event administration
  • Freight to and from the venue
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