Mobile LED Trailers

Mobile LED Trailers

LED walls create a powerful impact whenever they are used, attracting, engaging and entertaining huge crowds and delivering strong brand presence. We’ve always stocked and supplied massive walls for our clients and now we are delighted to extend our offering with mobile trailer mounted units that open up the possibilities for LED into all event spaces.

Our trailer mounted LED screens are industry leading 3.91mm pixel density giving superior image detail and are fully height adjustable with 360 degree screen rotation capability. With a reduced footprint compared with a conventional truss built LED wall these units offer unparalleled flexibility. The trailer units themselves offer branding opportunities on all 4 sides for maximum brand exposure.

Mobile LED trailers

Our trailer screen surrounds can all be branded to meet your brand guidelines

Mobile and Versatile

The possibilities of our mobile trailer mounted LED units are endless. They could be used for festivals, sporting events, trade shows and corporate events, both outdoor and indoor.

Mobile LED trailers are reshaping events making it easier than ever to get huge LED screen systems to and from your event. Not to mention you can also re-site it throughout the event to maximise your usable screen time.


Want to get more engagement at your events? A key factor in event success is good engagement and with our 28 sq.m HD LED mobile video walls, you have the chance of getting more eyes looking at your content and creating higher levels of interest.

Ease of Use

Specifically designed to be easily operated. Mobile LED trailers save you time and money as they are incredibly easy to set-up, use, and de-rig.

  • Set-up takes approximately 30 minutes
  • The unit can be conveniently operated by a single operator
  • De-rig takes a mere 15-30 minutes

Outdoor Event Support

Our team of experts will support you throughout

We’ve got experts to help you plan, budget, manage, produce and deliver your event to exceptional standards.

Why work with us?

Creative Technical Solutions

If you’re looking to bring a concept or creative idea to life with tech consult our technical team who have the expertise and knowledge to design innovative cutting-edge solutions. Be it AV&IT, event connectivity or show production we have got the skills and experience to make it happen.

Dedicated Client Support

Excellent Relationships are the bedrock of all our work. A dedicated technical account manager will work with you to fully understand your event aspirations, they’ll help you find the best AV or virtual production solution for your event.

Expert Installation, event support & production

With over 25 years of full-service delivery our industry leading crew will ensure you can focus on your audience while we deal with all aspects of installation and maintenance of your event Tech.

Cutting Edge Technology

With a huge rental inventory of event technology we have the kit you need to create attention grabbing engagement for your visitors.

Interested in rental only – please contact us here

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