Permanent AV and IT Installations

Event speed of delivery combined with permanent install quality

Permanent AV & IT Installations

With over 80 years combined experience our AV and Network technical specialists have exceptional knowledge of best in class permanent install solutions.  Our team can be engaged to conduct a full site survey either of a clean site or audit your current provision.  A full report will detail the current operational state of your provision along with our expert suggestions on how to improve your all round attendee experience through engagement and communication.

Our team then advise on the full range of AV, IT and connectivity options to ensure your venue offers the best fan experience available. High quality audio and up close visuals are a vital part of an entertainment & sports experience, and our team will design  robust and resilient systems.

  • Audio
  • Large format LED Screens, Digital Signage, Sponsorship
  • Flexible programmable signal & content management (for live event stream, sponsorship, entertainment, crowd management)
  • Evacuation Management Override System
  • Comms Room and Cabinet Refreshes
  • Cabling audit and infrastructure refresh
  • Security Solutions

We understand that your venue and requirements are unique, we will listen to your priorities and propose the best solution for your requirements and budget. Installation will be quick and easy with our dedicated Account and Project Management Teams running our dedicated in-house crew of event installation specialists.

Permanent AV and IT Installations

We tailor all of our services to your requirements to make your installation the success it deserves to be.

Permanent Screen Installation

Large LED screens are the showpiece installations at your venue, we will advise on all aspects of your investment, an environmental survey (including aspect, viewing angles, UV & weather exposure risk and structural support) will inform our recommendations.

Using a fans perspective we will make a strategic proposal to ensure your full suite of on-site screens maximises engagement, information and sponsorship opportunities.

Operated using our first class infrastructure and signal management systems your team will be easily able to switch between engagement, sponsorship, instructional and Health & Safety feeds.

Expanding Your Venue Connectivity To Outdoor Spaces

Planned scalability on demand

We have extensive experience installing permanent & temporary networking infrastructure for a broad range of outdoor events.

We’ve installed and maintained an outdoor network for Farnborough International Air Show for over 10 years enabling reliable, secure data transfer for the venue and exhibitors.

Recent installations include a number of outdoor sporting events that required coverage over large outdoor distances. Burghley Horse Trials and Cheltenham & Newmarket Racecourses required an expansion of their infrastructure to support TV distribution and live broadcast around the racecourse.

Our team design, install and maintain the outdoor permanent network for all your needs.

Venue Connectivity

A high-speed Wi-Fi or hard-wired connection is a given requirement for all venues. For a visitor it’s exceptionally frustrating when a venue has poor connectivity, especially if there’s little or no 4G or 5G signal available. DBpixelhouse are experts at working with venues to ensuring their wireless and wired networks are up to the demands of modern technology and large numbers of users. Whether you’re a venue who wants to improve your in-house networks or planning a large event in a venue where the connectivity isn’t up to speed—we have a variety of solutions available, including partnership options.

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Permanent AV and IT Installation Support

Our team of experts will support you throughout

We’ve got experts to help you plan, budget, manage, produce and deliver your event to exceptional standards.

Why work with us?

Creative Technical Solutions

If you’re looking to bring a concept or creative idea to life with tech consult our technical team who have the expertise and knowledge to design innovative cutting-edge solutions. Be it AV&IT, event connectivity or show production we have got the skills and experience to make it happen.

Dedicated Client Support

Excellent Relationships are the bedrock of all our work. A dedicated technical account manager will work with you to fully understand your event aspirations, they’ll help you find the best AV or virtual production solution for your event.

Expert Installation, event support & production

With over 25 years of full-service delivery our industry leading crew will ensure you can focus on your audience while we deal with all aspects of installation and maintenance of your event Tech.

Cutting Edge Technology

With a huge rental inventory of event technology we have the kit you need to create attention grabbing engagement for your visitors.

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