Social distancing control for retailers - a tech solution

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Retailers and their customers are going to feel safer thanks to the DBpixelhouse social distancing control (SDC) solution.

DBpixelhouse have launched a screen based social distancing control (SDC) solution for retailers.  Available for short term hire, the SDC platform counts and manages the flow of customers and then uses screens to let them know when it is safe to enter the store.  

The SDC system is around 20% of the cost of someone standing outside the door – a common current solution used by many shops – and enhances the retail experience as it helps to provide safety and piece of mind to both customers and retail staff. It allows shop management teams to safely cater for the largest number of people within the store – still meeting Government guidelines and maximising retail opportunities.  

For the retail operator, the SDC system means no staff are required to stand outside monitoring numbers, which is not only a costly drain on resource, but is an unnecessary health risk to staff.

The screens, as well as managing and regulating the traffic flow, can also be used for sharing other retail messaging – product offers, safety information and adverts.
David Bulley, CEO, “Our business is all about finding solutions with a mix of software, hardware and production.  We are already talking to several retailers, large and small, and have our first local install this week at Webb’s Garden Centre in Droitwich. This is all about safety – of staff and customers.  I think we all, where possible, already prefer to shop somewhere where managing social distancing is taken seriously.  Cost also is a factor – retailers cannot afford to have a member of staff stood outside their shop all week. Our SDC platform solves both of those problems

“We can provide all software, hardware, and installation throughout the UK as required. As one of the largest tech rental companies in Europe, we stock thousands of displays: from small screens and tablets, right up to festival scale video walls for larger stores / venues.  Our software developers can provide either an off the shelf system or a bespoke one with cloud-based data analytics for your requirements. What’s more, because we understand tight time frames, we can meet demand fast and keep pace with the dynamic retail environment.”

Please call us now to hire your SDC package or chat to our friendly team about how we can help you.

Visit the SDC webpage for more details -

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