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SDC by DBpixelhouse is a low cost, easy to install, screen based social distancing control solution for retailers. Save costs and enhance your brand by giving safety comfort to customers whilst maximizing the possible number of people within the store.

In its simplest form, and available for short term hire or purchase, our SDC platform counts and manages the flow of customers and then uses screens to let them know when it is safe to enter.

For the retail operator, our SDC system means no staff are required to stand outside monitoring numbers, which is not only a costly drain on resource, but is primarily an unnecessary health risk.

The screens, as well as managing and regulating the traffic flow, can also be used for other messaging – offers, further safety information, adverts etc.

We provide all software, hardware, and installation throughout the UK as required. As one of the largest tech rental companies in Europe, we stock thousands of displays: from small screens and tablets, right up to festival scale video walls for larger stores / venues. Our software devs can provide either an off the shelf system or a bespoke one for your requirements. We understand tight time frames – our usual industry is live events...

Please call us now to hire or purchase your SDC package or chat to our friendly team about how we can help you.

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Standard & Enterprise Packages

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Social distancing management
Staffing costs reduced
Screens to communicate instructions
Count & saved log of traffic in/out
Set store capacity (per store)
Maximise footfall & safety
Digital signage opportunity
Online capacity management
Cloud analytics dashboard
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More about us

Who are DBPixelhouse?

DBpixelhouse are one of the UKs largest tech rental companies. We combine the Tech, the Content and any associated production to deliver brand messages on screens. Our software arm, responsible for the SDC operating system, has huge experience in collecting large amounts of data for our usual business, which revolves around events and trade shows stands for the likes of Novo Nordisk and Astra Zeneca. SDC utilises a lot of the same skills as required for event data collection and management. We have all the skills and stocks of equipment required.

What is your capacity?

With a stock of over 3000 screens and associated equipment, we can move fast to provide your perfect solution. With a full time staff of over 100 people, combined with a freelance pool of more than 300 based all over the UK and Europe, we are ready to solve your social distancing problems.

What about national chains?

For national chains or shopping centers who require a more sophisticated system, with enhanced data collection and multiple entry and exit points for instance, we have packages around those. We come from the world of events, so we understand very tight deadlines, and our life is made up of combining tech and software to provide solutions to problems. We have everything and every skill you need.

What about if we start to have booked visits?

Yes, we would need to talk to you about your booking system, but that’s probably something we can help with anyway.

Can we put offers etc on the screens?

Yes, you can put anything.

Can we have a screen in the window hooked up to the system showing availability within the store?

Absolutely, yes.

What about the visually impaired?

Visual messaging can be combined with an audio message for the visually impaired. 

When can the system(s) be installed?

Please call us for a quotation. A potential install date will be supplied with the quotation.

What about if people ignore the visual signals?

There are various solutions to that – audio or visual. We are open to your requirements.

We are a local store – can you help us?

Yes - we can provide a simple stand alone system.

If we wanted Speedy Boarding for say, loyalty customers, can we have that?

Yes – we have lots of experience in access control from our event experience. It’s a more complicated set up but the same system can also be used so that staff can enter and exit the store without being counted. Staff would be issued a smart card that interacts with the system if they don’t have one already. We can supply everything you need.

How does your system enhance my brand?

We can only talk about our own personal experiences so far. The feeling within our staff is that we prefer to go to a store that exercises proper social distancing – it’s then a question of trust in the brand. We feel our SDC enhances that trust by making customers feel safer & is also a differentiator.

Can I buy a system, rather than hiring it?

Yes, all the hardware can be purchased. The operating system is licensed on a monthly or annual basis per install.

What about my own staff going in and out? How does your system cope?

The Enterprise version enable staff to enter and leave the store by tapping onto a card reader. They then are not counted as a customer.

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