DBpixelhouse have worked in hundreds of venues around the world, our team have a thorough understanding of what will and won’t work and are well placed to offer sound advice on the creative and functional use of technology. With that in mind, we are an inexhaustible source of ideas of how to ensure the events at your venue are the best they can be, helping you stay on top of the game, and collect outstanding customer reviews. We understand that working with a venue is about more than just one show, or the next six months. All our venue relationships are based on planning for the future, helping our clients stay connected with the latest technology in the most cost-effective way.


Digital content is a powerful tool for marketing and communications, why not maximise the opportunity to capture the attention of the guests in your venue? We’ve worked with leading venues to create custom touchscreen apps, games, VR experiences and other digital solutions bespoke to each venue’s requirements. Our content has a proven track record of increasing visitor interaction as well as providing valuable insights through a data reporting platform.


We started supplying AV and IT technology 24 years ago, and it continues to be the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on the quality of our equipment and the exceptional standards of customer service we strive to achieve. We are one of Europe’s largest stockists of touchscreens, LED walls, high transparency screens, 4K monitors, video walls, tablet devices and any other display technology you can imagine. Whether you need a single monitor in a reception area, or a network of hundreds of screens around your venue—we can supply, install and maintain everything you need. 

Production Services

Our venue crew are ablest at creating and managing technology solutions for venues. Having worked at events of all scales around the world, they have a thorough knowledge of how best to use technology in different venues. We have specialists in Wi-Fi networks, equipment installation, pre-event planning, infrastructure design and show day connectivity. Large teams of crew are managed on site by a project manager—who will be the link between venue management and our technical team. Whatever your requirements for technical crew, we’ve got you covered.  


A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is becoming a staple requirement for venues. For a visitor, it’s really frustrating when venues have poor connectivity, especially if there’s little or no 4G signal available. DBpixelhouse are experts at working with venues and ensuring their wireless and wired networks are up to the demands of modern technology. Whether you’re a venue who wants to improve your in-house networks or planning a large event in a venue where the connectivity isn’t up to speed—we have a variety of solutions available, including affordable options which require very little up-front investment. 


Ever wondered how you could enjoy a greater insight into your customers movements and behaviour around your venue? DBpixelhouse can offer attendance and crowd management tools, helping you to visualise which aspects are the most popular, how long people stay there – and help you visualise which areas need improvement. Most of our content can be developed to include a live data dashboard, allowing you to visualise your events in greater detail.