Virtual Reality Aircraft Hangar

We created a room scale VR playground, set in a virtual aircraft hangar to demonstrate what ‘created’ VR experiences are capable of. Created Virtual Reality experiences are built entirely from scratch, customisable to create a bespoke environment to suit a specific need. They are a proven method of engaging with an audience— communicating your message, your way.

One of the unique characteristics of VR is that you can place people in environments which either don’t exist or are too expensive or dangerous to go to. Step inside the fuselage of an aeroplane, walk on Mars or the bed of the Pacific Ocean; all from the comfort of your VR headset.

The level of detail is exceptional—experience full, room-scale interaction, with environments you can walk around, built at 100% scale. It’s like you’re really there. Using the HTC Vive, our hand controllers have haptic feedback, mimicking the sensation of touch and contact through a series of vibrations.

The hangar is in a constant state of development—it’s regularly updated with new features as we develop them. We recently added an operating theatre and medical area, as well as an engineering challenge where users turn a series of valves to assemble a DBpixelhouse helicopter, which then flies off across the room. We can add gamification elements to any VR experience, introducing an element of competition to the experience, which will attract and retain crowds to your exhibition space.

Our video offers you an insight into what we have built into the hangar but is no substitute to experiencing it first-hand. If you’d like the opportunity experience the hangar, or to discuss how our VR capabilities can help you—please contact one of our team to book a demo or discuss about virtual reality.

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