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  1. Live Reception serves as your personal concierge service, ask any question to real human staff via text or video chat: E.G.: “Can I arrange a meeting with X?”, “What time is Y session”, “How do I Z?”
  2. Product Zones allow you to chat to knowledgeable human staff, whilst exploring digital materials. Jump into a video chat to continue the conversation
  3. Product Zones house digital materials to explore (such as videos, brochures, apps and 3D models). View online or download (depending on access restriction) or discuss instantly with human staff.
  1. Live Auditorium allows scheduled live webcasts of single or multi-panel presentations, complete with screen sharing, audience Q&A and pulling.
  2. Video Meetings (instant, or scheduled) are private and secure, allowing video chat and screen sharing for multiple attendees.
  3. Your Schedule allows you to book live sessions, arrange and accept meetings, and notifies you when to jump into a particular room.
  1. The Messages area allows text chats between staff, or attendees. It also allows you to instantly send invites to jump into a video meeting room.
  2. Staffing your live virtual space is made easy by our platform: Schedule staff to zones based on their skill-set tags, monitor traffic, response times and attendee flow, and instantly allocate more staff to zones as required.
  3. A live Analytics dashboard complete with beautiful graphs and tables to view, filter and search out the insights you need. Download your data to office friendly documents

About us

Experienced: Understanding events has been at our core for 25+ years.

Trusted: Partnering the Worlds leading brands and their agencies.

Proven: 8,000+ apps and software solutions for brands like GE, GlaxoSmithKline, Google.

Dependable: Consistently delivering solutions to event deadlines through dedicated in house teams.

Pixelhub the platform for full brand immersion, creating human communication in a virtual event space.

Imagine a beautiful yet intuitive virtual gathering space for you and your customers, filled with your sales team and brand material. A place to build relationships, chat, video call, attend live sessions, discover, learn, engage and converse.

Designed by events people with deep industry knowledge, Pixelhub is the platform of choice for brands with customer engagement and innovation at their core.

In an uncertain, changing world Pixelhub enables brands to pivot with agility, adapting to evolving situations with pace and professionalism.

Our platforms can be accessed from your homepage, a virtual event or marketed on an invitation only basis.

Pixelhub human connection in a virtual event space.

Virtual Brand Platform for Events

Reimagine customer engagement online

  • Increase customer engagement in a world of reduced physical gathering
  • Meaningful fulfilment of human need to communicate
  • Freedom of individual journeys within a brand experience
  • Bespoke virtual space aligned to your brand strategy
  • Smart analytics and consumer insights
  • Secure, robust and scalable
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