VR Box Throwing Game

DBpixelhouse created a trio of Virtual Reality games for mobile phone distributor Brightstar, at Mobile World Congress 2017. The three digital experiences were an incredible success and drew lots of crowds to the stand, being played more than 500 times during the event. One of these games was a box throwing Virtual Reality experience—where users picked up boxes from the shelves of a virtual phone shop and threw them into a shopping basket.

As well as increasing footfall to the stand and being really fun to play, the box throwing game was also an effective platform for Brightstar to use to communicate to their customers. When users through a box into the basket, not only did they earn points, but were also treated to a snippet of information about the Brightstar brand.

Built with the latest 3D gaming software, the environment was very realistic, with real-life physics applied to actions such as boxes flying through the air and landing in a basket.

The box throwing game is typically played on a HTC Vive VR set, the game is built at full-room scale, which means users can walk around, run and jump within the virtual environment. One of the most appealing aspects of the game is that anyone can play it, you don’t need to know how to use a hand controller or joystick. If you can pick up a box with your hands, you can play the box throwing game.

The game was a tremendous success at Mobile World Congress, the live leader board encouraged users to regularly return and better their score—giving Brightstar’s sales reps the maximum exposure to visitors on their stand.

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