We work alongside agencies to deliver on a global scale.

From Studio to Screen

We can ensure that your production, stream or anything in between is carried out to the highest standard.

Capability and Scale to Deliver

DBpixelhouse are well-practised in operating mission critical technical provision for production companies and their global events.

We have the means and experience to deliver on a huge range of services. We’ve worked with corporate sponsors within the Olympic Village in Rio, helped launch a new mobile phone in Barcelona, and supplied NATO conferences in the UK. No matter the occasion, DBpixelhouse have the capability and scale to deliver whatever you require.

Physical and Virtual Events

It’s a brave new world out there! We recognise the changing face of events and we’re ready for it.

If you want to run a hybrid or omnichannel event, we can operate your seminar rooms on site and stream the event to a remote audience using our virtual user interface. Our extensive knowledge of the physical and virtual event landscape alongside our accredited cyber security protocols means we have the expertise to manage and produce your whole event.

World Leading Virtual Software

Exceptional online events that harness he superpowers of virtual spaces.

Our sister company Gravit8 can supply software, virtual reality, hybrid solutions for events and conferences, and cutting-edge content.

Case Studies

Examples of our Work for Agencies


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