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A Dynamic Approach to your Sporting Event

DBpixelhouse have the experience needed to host large indoor or outdoor sporting events

Flexible and Adaptable

Sporting events require a different approach to Corporate events. Our experienced and knowledgeable team appreciate this and have all the necessary expertise to guarantee that your sporting event will be an outstanding success. We understand that sporting events are time sensitive and that it’s important to be able to adapt to conditions on the ground, our production schedules all have inbuilt flexibility to accommodate this. If you’re looking to incorporate additional features such as live broadcasting, then we have a full range of technical services to complement any in-house or partner services.

Robust Technology

Signal distribution, audio, video, and data, are crucial components around a large sporting event. We can advise you on the best course of action for your individual requirements. Do you need a core digital fibre network capable of having lots of services hung on it; audio, video, cameras, digital signage, scores, and data? Or maybe you want to run TV signals around the site, in which case an analogue network might be more cost effective. DB can set up and operate new systems, or help you run your existing ones. Additional services include advice on upgrades, new technology, or consultancy on making your core system more secure and eliminating single points of failure.


Out on-site, we use core signal distribution to link up to our other AV services. From TV screens for hospitality and Corporate spaces, to indoor and outdoor large scale LED screens that will captivate the crowds.

Case Studies

Examples or our Work for Sporting Event Organisers
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