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As a result of the global covid-19 pandemic, the events industry was drastically impacted. 2021 has brought new hope as countries worldwide start to ease restrictions and normalcy is slowly being restored. With research proving that the risk of Covid-19 transmission is vastly reduced outdoors, there has been a surge in demand for outdoor events, according to event industry leadersWhether you’re looking to organise a festival, sports tournament, political rally, trade show, corporate event, graduation ceremony, community event or advertising campaign, then LED trailers are a fantastic way to improve your outdoor event offering and stand out from the crowd.  

This article looks at 5 of the key reasons why you should choose LED Trailers over traditional truss systems and how they might help you increase your efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction score.

1 - Mobility

The clue is in the name! Mobile LED units are a brilliant option for outdoor events for one inescapably apparent reason…they’re mobile!  

Gone are the days of building extensive truss systems to mount your LED displays. With mobile LED trailers, all you have to do is hitch it to the back of a vehicle and off you go. Not only does this make it that much easier to get to your 28sqm mega screen to the events location but also facilitates the added advantage of being able to re-position your LED unit throughout the event. This could be a huge cost saver for those looking to use screens in multiple locations throughout the event (i.e. at race start and finish lines or at high profile locations around a golf course) and additionally opens up a whole host of additional opportunities during your event.  

2 - Engagement

Attendee satisfaction and event engagement are the most important indicators of event successMobile LED Units open up affordable possibilities to attract a wider audience. The more eyes on the screen the greater the number of people connecting with your brand or company’s content. The very nature of the big screen is a pull factor for any audience and will deliver high levels of interest. A mobile LED unit can project live video feeds, television commercials, branded videos, corporate messaging, sponsor logos and more offering extensive opportunities to increase your brands awareness. Increased customer engagement, paired with the mobility of the units, could also make your event particularly compelling to advertisers, quickly adding value to your unit and increasing the potential for profit. Advertisements could either appear on screen or on the sides of the trailer itself.  

3 - Versatility

Your head is likely already overflowing with the seemingly endless uses and possibilities that accompany mobile LED units. These screens lend themselves to a variety of events and locations and are the perfect fit for people that need a one-size-fits-all solution. The IP rated 3.9mm pixel pitch screen spanning 28sqm makes it a perfect option for outdoor events, whatever the weather. In this current world climate where nothing is quite certain and rules and regulations are ever-changing, outdoor events are by far the safest option for event organisers. With current social distancing measures outdoor events are the best way to host larger capacity events as they are typically less limited by space, making distancing that much easier. All in all, mobile LED units are the ideal choice for events this summer.  

4 - Ease of Use

Not only are mobile LED units easy to move, they are also incredibly easy to set-up, use, and de-rig. These units are specifically designed to be easily operated by virtually anybody. Compared to the time and expense of having teams of workers constructing and deconstructing truss supported LED walls, mobile LED units are a walk in the park.  

– Set-up takes less than an hour

– The unit can then be conveniently operated by a single operator

– De-rigging takes a mere 15-30 minutes

The ease at which these units can be set up and used vastly minimises costs, and the quick in and out quality of mobile LED units gives you back precious time to concentrate attention to other areas of your event. Furthermore, mobile led units are manufactured and tested in advance, thereby reducing the chance of on-site setup issues 

5 - Cost-Effective

You’ve likely already put this together by now, but needless to say, mobile LED units can be extremely cost-effective. Combining all of the benefits (listed above) of using mobile LED units, it becomes immediately apparent just how economical they are. Whether it’s cutting out the costs of constructing multiple fixed-location LED walls by re-using one mobile LED unit and removing the expense of the teams required to build and operate such systems, additional opportunities to create revenue through advertisements or sponsorships, or simply being able to make flexible decisions during your event that may ultimately save you a lot of time and money. 

Mobile LED units are particularly cost-effective for shorter form events. Events spanning for long durations may be able to justify high construction costs spread out over longer periods of times, but as most events typically take place over a shorter duration, it goes without saying that choosing mobile LED units is a much more cost-effective option.  

A wise choice for engagement and versatility

The benefits to using mobile LED units are clearly compelling and the team here at DBpixelhouse strongly believe that this marks a turning point for the future of events (especially outdoors). As the world slowly salvages some of the normalcy of life prior to Covid-19, we hope, as much as anyone, to see more in way of a return to indoor events. That said, it is also true that the pandemic has opened the eyes of many to the advantages and possibilities of hosting outdoor events and we strongly support this shift in attitude. As always, we want to ensure that your event is the best it can be and believe that our mobile LED units are a fantastic way to achieve this!  

Image - an example of LED Trailers
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