Event Networks and Wi-Fi


DBpixelhouse provided a robust Wi-Fi infrastructure for 16,000 delegates at IMEX in Frankfurt.

IMEX attracts exhibitors from all over the world, who conduct pre-arranged meetings with clients in their exhibition space. Demand for a premium Wi-Fi service was led by the exhibitors, who insisted on a high-quality connection. The event organisers worked with DBpixelhouse to create a cost-neutral solution, by providing premium and free services.

IMEX - The Challenge
IMEX - The Solution

The Solution

The DBpixelhouse team installed a Wi-Fi system covering both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands which covered over 80,000M2 with high-quality Wi-Fi.

By using an incoming high-speed fibre-optic supply which peaked at over 1Gbs, and 120 Wi-Fi access points situated around the venue; users enjoyed a stable internet connection, with fewer complaints about poor speed and connectivity than ever before. A team of 10 technicians were on-site throughout the show, monitoring the network and responding to customer queries, enabling DBpixelhouse to provide an unparalleled level of customer service.

The Result

Over 12,000 unique users connected to the IMEX Wi-Fi network during the three days of the event, transferring a total of 22.4TB.

All parties were very happy; the exhibitors had a Wi-Fi connection that was fit for purpose, the visitors had a fast and free service with the only inconvenience being that that had to log in via a splash screen every 30 minutes. DBpixelhouse, in partnership with the event organisers, successfully created a cost-neutral way of satisfying everyone’s Wi-Fi needs.

IMEX - The Result

What do our clients say?

“DBpixelhouse achieved for IMEX what we thought was impossible; delivering reliable Wi-Fi to 16,000 guests on a packed trade show floor. The density of users and competing wireless signals had previously been problematic for the venue system. The task of building a bespoke Wi-Fi infrastructure spanning two halls in a 48-hour window before exhibitor build up was a tough one, but through meticulous planning and a wealth of experience DBpixelhouse delivered a game changing network for IMEX. We are delighted to have found a solution to a challenge we faced for several years and look forward to continued partnership with DBpixelhouse.”

Associate Director, IMEX Group

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