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For the past seven years, DBpixelhouse have worked with brand experience agency, 2Heads; to develop and build interactive technology solutions for Playtech, the market leaders in the gambling and financial trading industries, at their international marketing events.

Playtech enjoy a powerful brand identity in a tech driven market, they continually improve their exhibition spaces and make innovative use of technology in their space. The combination of Playtech and 2Heads is as close to the perfect client as we’re likely to get—they both have a comprehensive understanding of technology and drive us to do what’s never been done before.

Playtech - The Result
Playtech - The Challenge

The Solution

For ICE Totally Gaming 2018, the theme of Playtech’s design was concentric circles. The main feature of the space was a centre piece of seven double-sided curved LED banners floating over the main exhibition area.

Additionally, there were two 3x2M 2.6mm LED walls and two 3×3 video walls relaying Playtech’s product messaging and user benefit content. 17 individual touchscreens were mounted in pods around the stand for visitors to experience Playtech’s products. At the back of the stand was a large Academy theatre, attracting some of the industry’s leading speakers. One of the biggest challenges was the time-sensitive installation. At each stage of the construction process, there were crucial deadlines—failure to meet them would have jeopardised the completion of the build. DBpixelhouse production crew worked amidst a team of over 100 during the build days. Planning and communication were key to keep the build on track.

The Result

Playtech engaged thousands of visitors over the three days of the event in a technology-laden space of over 700 square metres.

Customers were drawn by the colourful, bold content on the attractor screens and by DJ appearances at the end of each day, using DB’s PA system and cameras to display a live feed on the LED screens. The combination of attention-grabbing technology and a well-organised show floor environment ensured that once again, Playtech were the most talked about exhibitor at ICE 2018.

Playtech - The Solution

What do our clients say?

“DBpixelhouse have collaborated with 2Heads on the Playtech project since the very beginning, taking the time to understand, plan and develop powerful integrated AV and technology solutions to drive engaging experiences for our client and their audience. The DBpixelhouse team are always committed to completing the mission and ensure that the specific project knowledge is retained, empowering them to be a seamless extension to our team.”

– Project Operations Director, 2Heads

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