Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions


Working with high-end client Shell, DBpixelhouse were given the task of creating a one-of-a-kind showcase for a virtual awards ceremony to recognize excellence among the employees of the global oil and gas giant.

DBpixelhouse needed to produce engaging, fun, and interactive, bespoke content that was consistent with the client’s brand identity and image. This content was to be made available to multiple geographic locations worldwide, in multiple languages, whilst ensuring the highest levels of attention to detail.

Shell Helix - The Challenge
Shell Helix - The Solution

The Solution

The team at DBpixelhouse worked very closely with their client to ensure that every detail was diligently planned and covered for.

The combination of a vast production suite along with an admirably dedicated crew, enabled DBpixelhouse to manage, produce, and deliver the whole event from its own HQ studio back in the UK. In addition, simultaneous translation made it possible for this event to span across its intended wider audience.

The Result

Overall, the meticulous planning, pre-technical checks, show rehearsals, and design production, produced an incredibly successful event.

The result was bespoke, live entertainment, that was viewed by over 10,000 individuals across four different continents. DBpixelhouse was able to manage the full product delivery of four simultaneous streams spoken in four different languages, creating a highly complex and detailed virtual event that displayed the highest possible quality.

Shell Helix - The Result
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