Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions


Confronted with the unpredictable and uncertain nature of a world shaken by Covid-19, a global top 10 law firm were keen to maintain momentum within their busy sector by stepping into the hybrid arena for their crucial Practice Group conference event.

This event would traditionally have taken place in a face-to-face environment, but the firm was keen to keep it in the diary, despite the limitations presented by covid. The decision to go hybrid put huge emphasis on creating more value for attendants who would be viewing the event from a remote location. The hybrid layout served as a promising solution for the client, enabling a wider audience of remote viewers with access to on-demand viewing. Working with creative agency, Epigram, a complex logistical package was to be taken on, comprising of multiple days of content broadcasting from multiple countries. This event was to celebrate the successful performance of the global firm, in both a physical and digital environment.

Top 10 Law Firm - The Challenge
Top 10 Law Firm - The Solution

The Solution

A multi-location AV conference delivery package with Audio & Video equipment delivered and installed to the highest standards.

Simultaneously streamed broadcasts from 6 different locations across 3 different countries. A central London Studio HQ, used to receive, mix, and stream a complex video package of the event whilst concurrently running and delivering the main conference for the live audience. DBpixelhouse completed installations into unfamiliar and complicated office and hotel venues in short time frames, showcasing the dexterity and skill-sets of its on-site working teams. Attention to detail was key in the planning and delivery of this multi-layered event with a full turn-key package, all provided by DBpixelhouse.

The Result

A resounding success! The end client was blown away by both the on-site team’s service and the quality of the end product.

This style of event was not one the client was familiar with, but the hybrid solution presented a multitude of valuable takeaways that their traditional physical event wouldn’t have provided. DBpixelhouse were proud to work alongside Epigram to deliver this successful event for the global firm. The nature of the event demonstrated new ways of working and offered the firm a solution for retaining their impetus allowing them to stay ahead of the curve.

Top 10 Law Firm - The Result
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