World's Largest OR Table

DBpixelhouse worked with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands for their stand at EASD 2015. Keen to make a big impression with interactive technology which would aid their engagement with visitors, we designed and developed the world’s largest Object Recognition Table.

Made up of 12 Samsung UE46 seamless video wall screens laid flat, the huge screen was made touch responsive using infrared bars. When one of ten individual objects were placed on the screen it triggered specific content to be played which related to those objects.

Each object represented a patient, the content explored their journey through healthcare, from their initial symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and outcome.

The Object Recognition Table at EASD proved to be a highly effective method of presenting a large amount of information in a fun and easy to consume manner. The table was used by multiple people simultaneously, with the brand’s sales reps using it to explain their products and services to prospective clients.

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