World Travel Market London

World Travel Market London

With it’s 40th anniversary this year, World Travel Market London helps the development and growth of the global travel industry, promoting networking tools to prove the unique business of travel. You too can explore a world of opportunities and discover a new level of visitor engagement with interactive digital content and state of the art AV technology, provided by DBpixelhouse.

DB are intrepid content creators and AV tech experts. We produce game-changing digital experiences for the world’s leading brands and marketing agencies—helping them exceed their event marketing objectives. with creative tech and content like our attention-grabbing PixelBrix iPad Walls to bespoke touchscreen apps and custom gamesVirtual Reality experiencesPixelPux Object recognition Tables and vibrant LED Walls—we are obsessed with innovation.

Our creative software will help you attract attention, maximise engagement and collect insights at your event. Whatever your event tech needs, DBpixelhouse have the ideas and expertise to create a truly memorable experience.

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