FIA 2022 Rate Card

Farnborough International Airshow 2022
  • Discounted  Order Deadline: 06th June 2022
  • Final Order Deadline: 27th June 2022
  • Book online using the password fia2022
Rate (£)
2 Mbps Internet Connection (only available to Shell Scheme stands) 1,200
5 Mbps Internet Connection 3,125
10 Mbps Internet Connection 5,000
25 Mbps Internet Connection 11,250
50 Mbps Internet Connection 22,000
Public IP Endpoint 125
End to end VLAN connection (per location). CAT5 presented with an RJ45 282
Analogue Line (Suitable for Fax) 875
Rate (£)
8 Port Switch 65
24 Port Switch 125
48 Port Switch 190
24 Port Managed Switch 263
48 Port Managed Switch 407
Rate (£)
VoIP Conference Phone (Inc Free Calls) 494
VoIP Phone (Inc Free Calls) 350
VoIP Premium Phone (Inc Free Calls) 425
Reception Console (Inc Free Calls) 669
Rate (£)
Dedicated IT technician per day 600
Dedicated IT technician per hour 80
Additional IT & cabling services Please call us
Rate (£)
Private Wireless Network – 5 Mbps Internet Connection 3,638
Private Wireless Network – 10 Mbps Internet Connection 5,513
Private Wireless Network – Additional AP’s 513
Rate (£)
Wireless Connected (Per Device) for one day 52
Wireless Connected (Per Device) for the show 190

Placing Your Networks Order

Order Online

Password: fia2022

Discounted Order Deadline: 6th June 2022

Final Order Deadline: 27th June 2022


Alternatively call +44 (0)345 226 3083 or email your technical brief to us and we will produce a bespoke quote for you. To help us produce an accurate quotation we will require a stand plan or visual.

Please note, all equipment is subject to availability. All late orders will include 20% surcharge.

Stand Plans

If ordering a hardwire connection or communications service, please provide us a plan to ensure we can install your cable and equipment in the correct location. Please instruct your stand builders to route the cabling to your point of service. Stand plans should be emailed to

Please Note

We operate a ‘clean air policy’, and as a result, exhibitors are not permitted to bring their own Wi-Fi equipment. Companies found operating their own Wi-Fi equipment will have their internet feed disconnected. Have a special circumstance or need an exemption please contact us or ask us for more details at

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