Since the first real conception of virtual and hybrid events, we have developed our expertise and knowledge in these areas to provide truly exceptional virtual experiences

Virtual & Hybrid Event Solutions

We tailor all of our services to your requirements to make your event the success it deserves to be.

Specialists in Virtual & Hybrid Events

Create a hybrid meeting space for remote audiences of any size in both the physical and virtual world.

Making the most of both worlds allows you to expand your reach to offer the ultimate in accessibility for all your attendees. Our technical specialists work with our customers to design, plan and produce high impact, engaging live events including fully virtual conferences, award shows, training, and employee conferences.

Virtual & Hybrid Events - Virtual and Hybrid Conferences

Onsite Recording Set / Studio

We’ll help design a fantastic, professional set, ensuring that your brand utilises the full distance of the virtual and hybrid medium.

Our technical team will install and manage the production utilising a full studio AV package including broadcast quality cameras, studio lighting, and professional audio. During filming our technicians will mix multiple camera feeds to create a dynamic and engaging programme.

Virtual & Hybrid Events - Productions

Expert Virtual & Hybrid Event Production

Our skilled production team have a honed skillset for the latest studio production equipment for your hybrid and virtual events.

We will select the best camera angles and mix them with slick graphic overlays, videos, and presentations to create a professional live stream. By using our extensive range of AV screens on-set, speakers around the globe can be patched into the studio setting for panel discussions, interviews, or awards. Mission critical network provision is one mainstay of our offering; our network engineers will ensure that a highspeed connection, with multiple layers of contingency, will deliver your stream flawlessly.

Virtual & Hybrid Events - Expert Virtual and Hybrid Event Solutions

Virtual & Hybrid Event Support

Our team of experts will support you throughout

We’ve got experts in live events, virtual events and hybrid events to give your audience the best of both worlds.


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